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How to Care for Cut Flowers

Receiving cuts flowers on a special occasion or event is one of the most happiest times in any woman's life. She cherishes the moment, the smell, and the beauty of a fresh cut flower bouquet. Knowning how to care for cut flowers will make them last longer. red roses in vase

So what can you do to make them last a little longer?

Here are a few instructions and helpful tips to make the beauty of a cut flower bouquet last a little longer.

1. When you receive your flowers remove any leaves that are under the water in your vase.

2. With a sharp knife, cut off an inch of the stem while holding it in water. Cut the stem on an angle, doing this opens the veins of the stem allowing more water to come through.

3. Take your vase, fill it with clean, fresh room temperature water 3/4ths from the top.

4. Adding floral preservatives to the water will help the flowers live longer. Follow the directions carefully.

5. Arrange the flowers to suit your taste. Leaving them several hours in a cool, darkened room allows them to adjust.

6. Display your flowers in a cooler area of your home or workplace.

7. Keep your flower arrangement out of  sunlight.

8. Keeping  fresh water in your vase will also help, change it on a daily basis.

9. Before going to bed at night, place your arrangement in the coolest part of your home or if you have room in the refrigerator. Make sure the arrangement does not reach below freezing.

10. Lastly, enjoy your cut flower bouquet! white roses in vase

Drooping flower heads, what to do.

Some flowers will lose strength at the flower head after several days in your vase and begin to droop. This happens when air bubbles blocks water from coming through the stem. This can often be easily fixed. 

What to do:

1. Fill a sink in your house with water.

2. Trim an inch off of the end of the stem, while holding it under water, cut the stem at an angle.

3. Next, hold the flower to be straightened in the water and carefully straighten the flower head at the droop.

4. Make sure the stem end is kept under the water.

5. The flower head should harden and straighten out after being kept in water 30 to 45 minutes.

6. Replace the flower back into your vase, repeat this with any other flowers that need to be straightened.

Visit this web site for more information on how to care for cut flowers:


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