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  Rose Colors and Their Meanings

While every flower is a beautiful story on it's own, the rose stands alone in its place in history and color meanings. Roses come in various colors. Every rose color has its own meaning. Roses have been used for hundreds of years to send messages to loved ones without saying a word. In spite of their color, unequaled beauty and delicate fragrance the rose sends a message that will surely delight it's recipient and evoke a bit of jealous in others.

When looking for a way to add extra feeling to your silent message of emotion, here is a list of the meanings connected with the different colors of roses.


Red Roses in vase  Red roses are traditional the symbol of love and romance. The red rose has  symbolized passion, courage and respect, and a job well done. A bouquet of red  roses is a great way to express your feelings for that someone special.



Pink Roses in vaseSend a pink bouquet of roses as a symbol of grace and elegance. The pink rose is often sent for an expression of admiration, thank you and appreciation. Pink roses can also send a message of joyfulness. Pink roses imply a gentler meaning than red roses.



Yellow Roses in vase Yellow roses evoke a feeling of happiness and warmth. A bouquet of yellow roses  are often associated with true friendship. The yellow rose is a symbol for joy,  gladness, delight, welcome back and a promise of a new beginning.



White Roses in vaseA bouquet of white roses represents innocence and purity. They are traditionally associated with brides and marriage. It is also a symbol of honor and reverence. They are often used as an expression of remembrance and sadness.



Orange Roses in vase A bouquet of orange roses are the embodiment of desire. They often symbolize  passion, enthusiasm, fascination and excitement. Orange roses are an expression of  passionate romance. A bouquet of orange roses sends a powerful and meaningful  message.



Lavender Roses in vase Lavender roses are the perfect symbol of enchantment. They are usually sent as a  sign of love at first sight.



Here is also a list of colors and short meaning for them.

Dark pink: Appreciation, Gratitude, Thank you

Light pink: Admiration, Sympathy, Grace, Joy, Sweetness

Yellow with red tips: Friendship, Falling in love

Red and White: Given together, these signify unity

Red and Yellow: Happy feelings

Peach: Closing the deal, Let's get together, Sincerity

Pale Peach: Modesty

Coral: Desire

Blue: The impossible, Unattainable

Black: Death, Farewell, Goodbye

Red Rosebud: Purity and Loveliness

White Rosebud: Symbol of girlhood

Thornless Rose: Love at first sight

Single rose in any color: Simplicity, Gratitude

Visit this web site for more rose colors not listed above, this site will also give you the meanings for the number of roses given:


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